Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Okay guys here are some of our current obsessions for the fall,

-Blazers whether they're over-sized, fitted, navy, black, whatever they are they are gorgeousss

-Stripes on cardigans, long sleeved shirts, bags, everything! Can't get enough stripes!

-Oxford shoes for the low key prep in all of us

-Glitter eyeliner it's so gorgeous on the top lid, beautiful bronze, sultry silver, or pumped up color for a statement

-Comic book tee's and sweater vests batman, ninja turtles, hello nerd fantasy

-Military boots dress them up or dress them down, they can totally enhance an outfit

-Tights lace, bright colors, can't live without them

-Watches chunky men's, or slim and silver

-Anything boyfriend it can be jeans, button up shirts, hanes t-shirts, it's all amazing

-Double rings they can edge up an outfit like nothing else

Hope you enjoyed and tell us your obsessions!

xoxo c2


  1. I love glitter liners too!

    Actually I love everything that sparkles.... :)

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  2. I'm so addicted you should try doing different colors at once, i've been doing a dark blue all across and the gold right in the middle